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We supply all machinery available, even outside of Japan.
We also provide a free estimate for you concerning transportation and delivery cost, including ex-portation cost.

How to Purchase

List of Inventory is here!

You can check out what is available now. Also if you don’t find what you are
looking for among the list, contact us! We can use our worldwide network of
various machinery to best meet your solu-tion.


Terms and conditions

1. The sales terms and conditions.
・We cannot sell a machine if we and other buyer agreed the purchase of the same ma-chine in prior to your purchase order. And we sell the machine as is and as available basis, without warranty.
 Therefore, before your purchase order, we strongly recommend you to check actually to see the machine.
We may help you to make a consideration for the purchase as much as possible, includ-ing that we provide you video and image, and that we arrange schedule of check actu-ally to see the machine.
*Please note:
We do not offer a letter of invitation to those who visit to check actually to inspect the machine. Please prepare your travel visa by yourself.

・You need to make a payment of all amount by telegraphic cash remittance to our desig-nated bank account (in Japanese yen.), until the date within 2 weeks from the purchase date (the day of which we issued the billing after you order by sending e-mail, Fax or by word of mouth.). If the payment delayed without contact us, we can sell the machine to a third party, and we claim the expense to you if we paid the actual expending cost, including transporta-tion or other cost.
*Please note:
We cannot accept any L/C, notes, postage stamps, and cheque.

・We request you to take the machine out within 30 days from the date of purchase.
You can take the machine out as soon as we confirm your payment. We will have meet-ings for the date of schedule.

2. Compliance assurance
・When you export the machine, you should comply with the regulation of environment and safety in the destination country for export, and you should take a necessary measures (to adapt the machine for use, or to obtain government approval, etc.).

3. Security trade control
・We maintain the security trade control for preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, preventing destabilizing
accumulations, and the maintenance of inter-national peace and security. Please note that we may refuse your order, if you carry the product to third party or use for other purpose.